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PIQUERSA has a wide range of dumpers from 1500kg to 4500kg capacity. They are a versatile and complete model, designed to solve all the problems of transporting aggregates, bricks or rubble, as well as waste collection in municipalities in an agile and effective way.

Its strong point is maneuverability, thanks to its small turning radius and great adaptation to the terrain, being able to climb large slopes up to the 50% when fully loaded. Furthermore, thanks to its 395mm of ground clearance, it is able to overcome any obstacle and adapt to the irregularities of different terrains. PIQUERSA has designed robust machines with great work capacity, with an isoresistant chassis along its entire length that is specially calculated to withstand the efforts of a self-loading dumper.



To determine the dumper that best suits your needs, contact our team and they will advise you on the best equipment based on use, terrain, individual equipment and your particular preferences.

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